About Us

  The LeadCon platform is the most advanced tool designed to support managers across the globe, as now they don’t have to run behind the sales people to update status of leads, because Lead Status is updated realtime while the sales person is working on the lead.
  The mangers tool help the user to download the data captured into CSV/Excel making it easier for him to directly upload to the CRM/ERP softwares already integrated. Incase there is no ERP/CRM software, the managers portal itself works as a portal for the same.

LeadCon Platform

LeadCon is designed to make the sales process Hassle Free and confident with predefined elements added into the system which are designed with reference to the international experts suggestions and guidance.The Handshake between Data CollectionZ and CallR is an integral part which make the process easy and simple.

The Data Collectionz App

Where a sales person is able to collect/capture a lead by scanning a visiting card, QR Code, Adhar card and also by Manual Entry. Its the only App where there is an integration of a custom form which is directly added into the system from the backend, and a special facility to capture the suggestion that were given to the customer while prospecting the sale.