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Admin Portal

How to Signup using an Order ID

Signup into the LeadCon platform along with an OrderID, which is generated after buying a package from the buying site.

Logging In into the LeadCon Platform

Log in the LeadCon Platform, with the login details sent to your registered eMail ID.

Adding a New User

Let's add a new user (Sales/Service) Team member and help him with his LeadCon App login details.

How to Edit a User

In case you want to edit the details of the user that was already created, or you want to update the details of a new replacement for a Login Key.

How to Register a New Manager

Register a manager who will manage the registered users.

How to Edit a Manager

Edit/Update manager details and for the LeadCon Managers App.

How to Create Custom Enquiry Form

KYC - Knowing Your Customer is the most important aspect of LeadCon and it is supported with the most advanced yet simplest enquiry form builder, Check out how you can create an enquiry Form for capturing the Right Data of the customers to sell effectively.

How to add Auto Thank you Email to Enquiry Form

LeadCon sends an Auto Thank You email for all the customers who's entry is done in the Enquiry form.

How to Add Thank you SMS to Enquiry Form

LeadCon sends an Auto Thank You SMS (India) for all the customers who's entry is done in the Enquiry form.

How to Edit the Enquiry Form

In case you want to add or subtract few question in the enquiry form, you can edit an already prepared enquiry form and continue using it.

How to Add Logo To your Enquiry Form

In case you want to add or subtract few question in the enquiry form, you can edit an already prepared enquiry form and continue using it.

How to Add Enquiry Form to your Website iFrame/Link

Now you can also add the enquiry form to your website or even can be sent via email by creating an iFrame link or a simple form link. You can also customise it, with the addition to a specific sales person who will receive the enquiry when someone enters data into it.

Upload CSV File/Bulk Leads

In case you have your customer data in an excel sheet, now you can upload all the leads in one go into the LeadCon system.

Update CSV File Bulk Leads

In case you want to update your old data with the New data from an Excel Sheet, now you can do it with just few clicks.

How To Assign and Dis assign Leads to Users

Now that Leads are in the system, you can now assign them to your sales/service team to work on them.

Adding Communications Templates eMail/ SMS/WhatsApp

Communication is the only link between your organisation and the customers, so having a communication where all the members of the organisation talk the same language adds to the trust factor for the customer to make a buying decision.

How to Create Enquiry Form Based Communication Template

Now you can create personalised templates on the basis of the Enquiry form, with respect to the choices they did while filling the enquiry form.

How to Add Files into Briefcase, PDF/PPT/DOC/EXCEL/VID/IMG GIF/AUDIO

Add upto 9 different types of communication files, to be shared and sent to the customer.

How to Create a Multi-Lingual Template

Language (Mother tongue) is the closest to anyones heart, and now you can communicated with your customers in their mother tongue as LeadCon supports 150+ Languages.

How to Compose Bulk eMail/SMS

LeadCon supports Bulk eMail and SMS from the user side, to choose and send the bulk emails and SMS to their respective customers assigned to them. Add Bulk eMails and SMS for offers, notices, occasion greetings, functions and more.

How to Send Notifcations to Users

Notify all the users of your organisation, about the new updates or any specific notices.

How to check/delete Duplicate Entries

Sometimes, duplicate entries become a big hassle to manage, hence we have created a special section to view and delete the Duplicate entries.

How to Change Lead Status of Leads in Bulk

In case of repeat businesses based products and services, a customer has to come back to the stage of prospecting after a certain timeframe. LeadCon helps you to change the Status of all the leads under a certain category and shift it to the first stage in just 1 click.

How to Customise Lead Status as per your Business

Each business have their own stages of a lead to move up to finally turning into a customer. With LeadCon, you can customise your own lead stages and make it suitable for your business.

Setting up Auto Connect (Auto FollowUp)

Worlds first Auto FollowUp is all set to take care of the most important communication for you. You can create different templates on the basis of benefits, applications, technological aspects, customers and more.

Adding Credits to Auto Connect

To send Auto Connects, you need to add credits to your account.

Templates for Auto Connect Date wise scheduling

You can set the Auto Followup on the basis of Dates, where you can mention the important dates, festival greetings, and more...

Templates for Auto Connect Day Wise Scheduling

LeadCon is the only tool, which help you connect automatically, with your customers on the basis of the day you met, also a pre dated or a post dated activation is also possible to connect automatically.

Integrate Facebook Leads with LeadCon

As most of the business receive their leads from, Now you can directly receive the Leads into the application for users to connect with the customers in seconds as, the first who connects is the one who gets the first sale. Now you can add a competitive spirit to your team, by making them Grab the leads and see who does the most.

Directly Assign the Facebook Leads to users

Assign the leads from specific Facebook campaign directly to the users who take care of the specific line of business, making it easier and faster to connect and communicate.