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Managers Portal

Introduction to Managers Portal

This is a Quick Introduction to the Managers portal, taking you through all the important aspects and the features of the Most advanced Managers Portal.

Daily Calls report

With Managers Portal, you can keep a track on the number of calls done by the sales team and also to which type of prospects they have done most of the calls.

New Leads added

Now you can get the real time update on all the new leads being added under your team and the connects done by your sales team. You get the details of which sales person added which customer and the steps taken after adding the lead along with what does the customer want.

Daily Planned Meetings

Get the details of the meetings planned on a specific date, planned by whom, where along with the agenda of the meeting.

Meetings and Reminders

Sales team members can now send meeting reminders to the customers on the basis of the meetings.

View Missed Reminders

Now you can also know, all the reminders that the team had missed to call back to the customers, this gives you better control of the team and also give another check to help them members perform better.

Minute to Minute Report

LeadCon's Managers Tool is the only tool in the world which helps you with minute to minute update on the activities done by the team members, right from the calls they have done to the communications they have used to connect with the customers, with a minute to minute real time update with the Inactive time.

Userwise Sales Data

Get User wise sales data, on the basis of activities, sales stages and also Dates.

Download Sales Report

Download a complete sales report for your sales meets and also for your sales team members.

View Sales data List wise

View all the status of the customers under a certain list, along with their present stage of sales.

Track Sales/Service Team members over GPS

Know the position of your sales team members on the basis of their meetings for different customers.

Set Sales Targets

Sales performance can be achieved by setting the right targets. LeadCon managers App offers you to set Sales Targets for your team members in 6 main criteria. They are as follows: Calls, Successful Calls, Meetings, Quotations, Quotations Value and Confirmed Orders against Payment.

View Quotes Created by Sales Teams

View the quotes created and sent by the sales team along with the products added, discounts given and the Terms and Conditions.