Q2. Can this system be integrated with other CRMs/ERP Softwares?

Yes! LeadCon System can be seamlessly integrated with other CRM/ERP Tools.
Option 1: LeadCon has the facility to export the data directly into a format of CSV which is universally used for all the different CRM/ERP systems including systems such as SAP, Sales Force, Zoho, etc. Using the CSV export on LeadCon and Upload on CRM, you can seamlessly sync all the data directly into any CRM/ERP system you are presently using or looking forward to use.
Option 2: Considering the Security aspect of Data, on the request by an organisation, we can post data of LeadCon on a separate server, which can be initiated at a single click from the LeadCon Platform. Once the data is posted on the other server, you can directly pick the data from that server and integrate it directly with your present or upcoming CRM/ERP Softwares.
Option 3: LeadCon is a very beautifully designed system which itself is a Classic Sales CRM. You can use the LeadCon Platform till the sale is complete and once the customer raises the work order, you can do those specific entries into the other CRM/ERPs. For any further queries related to integration of LeadCon with other CRMs/ERPs please write to us at [email protected]